On the condition of being multiple places (2018)

I am a multiethnic Punjabi-American Sikh ethnomusicologist and media artist based somewhere between California, Ann Arbor, Vancouver, and Toronto, with additional research ties throughout England and India. I write music and words; study contemporary Punjabi art, culture, and diaspora; and do visuals and video. I also play piano, harmonium, and Javanese gamelan;  sew stuffed animals and study South Asian textiles; and moonlight as a collaborative artist.

My art explores narratives of trauma, belonging, Sikh identity, and mundanity through styles ranging from jazz and classical to performance art and noise.

My research is on South Asian artists in Canada and the ways in which they navigate the dual pressures they face from community expectations and the scrutiny of the white/mainstream gaze. I also focus on cultural memory and identity politics in the Sikh diaspora. I am a PhD Candidate in Ethnomusicology at University of Michigan and am concurrently in the MA Program in South Asian Studies.

ਕਾਨਰ ਸਿੰਘ ਵੈਨਡਰਬੀਕ