Phulkari, visuals/direction by Kiran Bhumber (2018)

"Break(it)down" is a collaboration with LA-based video artist Lynn Hong, who created this music video for a piece I composed using only short hip-hop samples. The piece explores how finding oneself in the wake of trauma often involves embalming and burying various aspects of memory that are otherwise shattered in the traumatic event.

Sphincter Control is an ongoing noise/experimental duo with San Francisco-based blood bank van driver Christopher Gomez. The mission statement of Sphincter Control is to be unwatchable and unlistenable, thus forming an irreverent, lo-fi project committed to obscurity.

Checkpoint Hoogly is a project led by Sudipta Dawn and Culture Monks. This project examines marginalization, the sub-altern, and the status of refugees through stories revolving around the port of Budge Budge outside Calcutta, and the settlements that have grown alongside the railway leading to it. For the project, Vancouver-based sound artist Kiran Bhumber and I collaborated on an audiovisual installation on the Komagata Maru, a passenger ship of predominately Sikh men that sailed from Hong Kong to Vancouver in 1914, was denied entry into Canada, then was fired upon when it eventually docked in Budge Budge.

Let’s talk about our feelings. is a two-volume project dedicated to the creation an artistic space for people to share their experiences with mental illness and emotional trauma. This project is made of the stories of others, with a few pieces of my own. I have had these texts spoken, and I have composed the backing to them. We are a small community, but I believe the experiences shared in these volumes are not unique to us.

Phulkari is a show that translates the South Asian textile of the same name into collaborative dance, music, and projected visuals. The show was directed by Kiran Bhumber with Molly Pabersz as choreographer and myself serving as music director and research consultant. The show takes creative, multimodal abstractions of the Punjabi phulkari textile and follows them through lineages of women in rural Punjab, through migration and displacement, into the new meanings that have been built around these threads in diaspora.

The SPHINCTER CONTROL EXPERIMENTAL VIDEO STUDIO is a side project of experimental/noise duo Sphincter Control, The project is an open platform for Chris and me to experiment with distortions and glitchy manipulations of audio and video, which I then upload to Vimeo and generally do not discuss with anyone.

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