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"An acute sense of belonging nowhere," with AJ Covey, vibraphone (2017)

"Overnight" was originally published in OmniVerse, along with many of Hernandez's concurrent pieces. This video was filmed in the Stockton Street Tunnel in San Francisco with still images taken during a February rainstorm on the Northwestern University campus.

"an acute sense of belonging nowhere" combines footage from the old and new spans of the San Francisco Bay Bridge with views from i-580, the southern end of London from a train window, and clouds passing over Hedge End, UK. Performed by AJ Covey (vibraphone) and me (kempul, pitched gong) on October 7, 2017.

ANGRY YOUNG GORA is an ongoing absurdist YouTube series that follows the travels through time, space, and overlays faced by my close friends, family, and me. It is almost [if not] entirely based on real life events.

On the condition of being multiple places (2018) explores the ways in which continually moving around collapses distinctions between places. A sound or particular quality of sunlight gives flashes of other places lived, blurring the the differences among places but not shrinking the distances between.

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